Web LinksHere are some local suppliers of radio parts. If your name is not here and you think it should be - please contact me. I'm always looking for suppliers of good used parts and radios.
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1   Link   Mr Valve
Supply valves of all types and descriptions. They also have a selection of mains and audio transformers. Well established in the Amplifier fraternity. He now has a new web page
2   Link   RSE Electronics
Suppliers of modern electronic components, but they have the strangest old parts hiddden away. Here you will find germanium diodes, crystal earpieces and all the tools and test equipment you will ever need. They have the parts for the projects.
3   Link   Mantech
Mantech supply modern electronic components. They supply the PIC TRIX board for PIC16F877 development. They also supply an ICL7106 lcd voltmeter kit.I have also purchased a number of instruments and tools from them.
4   Link   Peter Souris
Bespoke transformer manufacturers and rewinders. Now there's no need to panic when your radios transformer burns out. They also do output transformers and power supply chokes.
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