Final Comments
Written by Bryce Ringwood   


First of all, to all those people who hate BASIC - sorry guys, but I'm not sorry. Yes, I think that writing massive computer systems in BASIC (I could name names here) will lead to tears. My tears in the case of a well known accounting package. No, I don't think writing little programs to get over a problem will kill anybody. To see what BASIC can do, download HAMCALC.

The problem with BASIC is that it is very easy for a program to become too complex to understand. I think the integration program probably is "on the edge" with its use of global variables. Dijkstra was undenialbly right (in a way) but too fanatical? Maybe.

For you purists out there, I will look for a Pascal compiler - but I warn you it won't be as handy as BASIC on an old computer.

I'll also look again at Python.

I have downloaded "Return to BASIC" for the Raspberry PI - I thought it was very good.


I didn't write any programs for the HP 'cos the blokes owning a TI would have been offended.


Thanks to the guys who wrote GEOGEBRA for doing such a smart job on the graphics. In fact this is an amazing piece of software.


Thanks to all involved for producing this software. I couldn't get anything else to work in Joomla!.


Now I'm going to start a new project.


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