Dynatron Nomad
Written by Bryce Ringwood   

The Dynatron Nomad is a handbag radio, very similar in appearance to the Roberts R500 handbag radios made about the same time. The circuitry is also superficially very similar, but uses Ediswan XA and XB “Top Hat” transistors.

I retrieved this set from underneath a bathroom sink, switched it on – and it worked! (For about a minute). New batteries were found and the case was polished up to make the set as good as new.

Frequency Coverage

LW - 105- to 1800 metres

MW - 190 to 550 metres


7 Transistor superhet, XA102,XA101,XA101,XB102,XB103,XC131,XC131. The set operates from two PM9 transistor batteries


Volume/ON-OFF, Tuning, Tone, Wavechange


The Roberts radios are highly sought-after, the Dynatron – rather less so! Anyhow, here is a picture – see what you think.


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