Radionette Kurer Transi FM
Written by Bryce Ringwood   

The Kurer was a model name of Radionette, Norway. The “Transi FM” presented to me for repair was in attractive condition, but not working. It had slightly corroded batteries. When new batteries were installed and the terminals cleaned, the set still would not work.

The dial cord had broken aRadionette Kurer Transi FMnd the dial mechanics were complicated because the FM section had a clutch mechanism so that the AM and FM sections could be independently tuned from one knob. Dial cords can be very difficult to replace. The first hurdle being to find suitable cord. (Fortunately, I now have some in stock.) Dial cords seem to break for two reasons – the first being the pulleys and tuning capacitors becoming too stiff to operate and the cord simply wears at the tuning knob capstan and snaps. The other problem is that the cord snaps where it connects to the pointer. The pulleys and mechanisms on this set had seized-up and proved very difficult to get operational again.

The reason the set reused to receive anything turned out to be trivial – someone in the past had connected all the aerial connections to the wrong places. Once this had been sorted out, the set worked well on all bands.

As can be seen from the photo, the kurer is a very attractive radio – notable for its double aerial for FM reception.

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