Written by Bryce Ringwood   

The RCA Q10 is a diminutive bakelite table radio. It has 5 Valves – 12SA7 (Mixer/Osc),12SK7(IF),12SQ7(Det and AVC),50L6(Output),35Z5 (Rectifier). Frequency coverage is from 540kHz to 1680kHz and 4.7 to 18.2 MHz short-vave. As received, the set had only 3 valves, and the output stage was missing entirely – yes, valve holder, volume control , components– all gone! Fortunately the speaker and output transformer remained.

Adding the heater voltages (12+12+12+50+35 = 121) suggested that this set would work from 115 volts AC, so appropriate power was applied via a small step-down transformer and the set came to life without any problems. Please be aware that some Q10 models have a resistive mains cord for 235 volt operation (Q10A). These sets are fairly common and if you are working on one, please be very careful as the chassis is LIVE.RCA Q10

After a few years, I realised the bakelite cabinet had a very fine crack. I decided to leave it alone – after all I hadn't noticed it!. Repairing bakelite and plastic is fairly straightforward, but requires patience and skill to do it properly. Some plastics, such as nylon are difficult to repair. (If anyone knows of a good adhesive for nylon – please share your experience with me.)

The set works very well, especially considering it has so few valves. The 50L6 output stage delivers plenty of volume and it has good short wave reception.

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