Grundig 5088
Written by Bryce Ringwood   

The Grundig 5088 in common with all the Grundig radios I have serviced so far has the most amazing sound quality. This is achieved by using four loudspeakers, including a small electrostatic loudspeaker for high frequencies.

The radio presented to me was a South African version with FM, Medium-Wave and 3 Short-Wave bands. Grundig 5088Beneath the dust, there was a bright shiny chassis that looked almost new. The speakers and other internals all looked to be in very good condition. The cabinet itself was borderline OK, but the owner wanted the set to retain its well-used appearance. Fortunately, the speaker cloth looked clean and in good condition.

The set had almost nothing wrong with it. A dropper resistor had gone open circuit and the EM34 magic-eye didn't work. The EM34 is a dual-sensitivity magic eye notorious for its lack of reliability. This also makes new ones very expensive. I had a similar tube with different base connections and a 12 volt heater available, so I used this as a substitute. The set was sensitive on all wavebands and performed well for a simple superhet.

All switches were cleaned and the dial glass was wiped with a soft dry cloth. I also polished the cabinet exterior.

I would like to say that I tested the radio for 8 hours before returning it, but that wouldn't be true. I just enjoyed it for as long as I could before reluctantly handing it over.

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