Zenith Royal 1000 Transoceanic
Written by Bryce Ringwood   

The Zenith Royal 1000 Transoceanic is one in a longish line of Zenith Transoceanics. The first of this line of radios was the 7G05 “Trans-Ocean Clipper” introduced in 1942. This line of valve type radios remained in production, culminating with the 600 series in 1962.

USA Zenith Royal 1000

In 1958, the first transistorised Transoceanics were produced, beginning with the Royal 1000. The earliest of these sported an “all leather case”. In fact it is all metal, with a leather covering. In common with all early transoceanics, this radio has a “Wavemagnet” which can be detached and stuck on to a smooth surface using rubber suckers. The radio has a slide-rule dial and a roller attached to the 11-position waveband switch. The set is intended to be a world-traveller's broadcast receiver, and as such would have enhanced the well-heeled world traveller's luggage. (“Luggage”, indeed – this is a heavy (5.5kg) radio, with all its batteries included). The set cost USD 275 when first introduced - comparable with the price of a motor car of the period.

The Royal 1000 is built like a valve radio. There are no printed circuits and each of the nine transistors sit in a socket. The other components are all valve-type, with the exception of the IF transformers. I think the “Wavemagnet” is what we would now call a “ferrite rod aerial”. The set also sported an absolutely enormous telescopic aerial. The case has a pocket which contains world reception tables.

The batteries are 9 “D -size” , one of which was used for the dial lights. They are supposed to last 1000 hours – which is a long time. If you put modern alkaline batteries into the set, they will last far too long for safety – its best to put inexpensive batteries in and be sure to throw them away after 12 months.

A few more transoceanics were to follow, culminating in the R7000 in 1979, but competition from Sony, who had a more advanced product, led to the end of production of these radios. The valve versions are highly prized collectors items.

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