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We seem to have a rule that goes –‘Always room for one more’ in this case one more item of furniture. While on a furniture excursion in Seconds On Main in Bergvliet , this radio was introduced to me by Allen during one of Judith’s exploratory trips. There was no obvious identification, but after a posting of pictures on on the appropriate forum, I was directed to a schematic for a GEC JE-61 with a valve lineup of: 6SA7, 6SK7, 6SQ7, 25Z6G, 25C6G and a 6U5 tuning indicator.

The radio has three bands and the “L” version has Long Wave as one of the three.

The first obvious problem was that one of the valves was missing and the remaining evidence consisted of several pieces of broken glass which I pieced together to reveal a part number: 25Z6G (rectifier).

Also as pictured in the top view of the chassis, below, the 25C6G was fitted into the socket for the broken 25Z6G. A brief search at the club couldn’t unearth another of these rectifiers. I looked online at and found another for $5. While I was at it I ordered a 25C6G (audio driver) and one or two of the others (although the others were to be found at the club).

After some assistance by Viv. with the club valve tester, it was verified that the 6SK7 filament was open circuit.

The mains cord needed replacing and the speaker was missing. One of the resistors in the power supply circuit was also overheated and needed replacing. There were four electrolytics which as a rule should always be replaced. (Nearly always - BR).


GEC JE 61 Chassis


A speaker was found at the club-house and with a bit of hard-board and some sawing and drilling, it was mounted as shown below.

The radio works quite nicely, although a tune-up would probably improve things further. The tuning eye does need quite a bit of signal to close as verified by a signal generator fed into the front end.


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