Rhein Gold - Make Unknown
Written by Bryce Ringwood   

The Rhein Gold radiogram was made some time in the mid 1950s by a so far unidentified manufacturer (Maybe Graetz - does anyone recognise the logo?). It was a monaural set using a minimum number of valves. The line up is ECH81 RF/Mixer, EBF86 IF/Detector and ECL82 audio stage. The rectifier was an EZ80. The set had an EM84 tuning indicator. Rhein Gold Logo

It uses Philips IF transformers.

The rectifier and ECL82 had been swapped round - possibly causing the demise of the ECL82. The magic-eye didn't work, because someone had rotated it trough 45 degrees in its socket and forced it in, bending one of the pins. After the pin had been straightened and the valve correctly inserted - it was as good as new.

The tuning capacitor had to be removed from the chassis and dismantled, as it had completely siezed. How this happens is a mystery. Mine sand in the 1950s atmosphere maybe? Its an odd phenomenon - the Pilot H664 also suffered from this.

The record deck was a Collaro auto-changer. I replaced the cartridge and stylus, but had to reassemble the deck slightly incorrectly to get it to work. It required a huge amount of lubrication and some reassembly of the motor spindle.

After I delivered it to the client, we noticed that the volume control was erratic, so I also replaced it.

This particular set was installed in an immmaculate cabinet of 1950's "Ball and Claw" style. (The original cabriole leg has been around since antiquity, but one local furniture manufacturer seems to have espoused this style in the post-war era.) Alas - I don't have a photo of the finished set.

The final sound quality was very good - with that undefinable valve sound that makes for easy listening.


The picture shows the tuner part of the radiogram on top of a Philips FM tuner.

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